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By: Rozilawati Abdullah

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Monday, 23-Nov-2009 02:10 Email | Share | Bookmark
Reunion SK Seri Delima, KL

Pada tanggal 22 November semalam, seramai 10 orang dapat dikumpulkan untuk reunion... Kami berkumpul di Coffee Bean, One Utama. Sepatutnya berkumpul pukul 3, tapi parkingnya punyalah payah cari, sampai2 jer dah 3.20 petang. Semuanya excited, yelah, dah lama sangat tak jumpa! Yang lain2 tu at least memang sekolah sama masa sekolah menengah, SM(P) Jalan Ipoh KL, tapi 2 orang ni memang dah 23 tahun tak berjumpa... Hazdiana & Sunitha.

Gambar pertama tu tanpa Hazdiana, she came late yesterday... The second one without Sunitha, she had to leave early, to pick up her bollywood star, a.k.a a 4-year-old son at hospital, admitted due to dangue. Handsome beb anak dia, tapi cuma tengok dalam gambar ler....

First photograph, clockwise, Chin Siew Khim, Sunitha Devi, me, Ratna Iswanis, Wong Phait Lee, Ching Siew Peng, Ching Sze Mang, Fazlina, Suria. Hazdiana is in the second photograph.

Everybody is just the same... never change a bit!! I have no idea, maybe because when we meet, we were like school kids back in 1986.. Sze Mang & Suria with their cool characters, are now pregnant their 4th child. Sze Mang is a full housewife... hmmm.. how an outstanding student can become a housewife, salute you... Suria, lecturer kat UM, still as petite as always.. Hazdiana with her jelingan manja (sama jer cam dulu)... with her strong memory, our names she recited without fail!!

Siew Khim yang dulu nya pendiam & ulat buku, now regretted of being so quiet. She said she would have gone back to primary school & transformed to a naughty one. hehehehe Joyful Siew Peng from then till now, our gathering is full of her laughter & she made our day! X berubah langsung!!

Ratna yang masih seperti dahulu, lembut.. Hanya size jer yang berubah. She said, dia jer yang berubah dari segi size, yang lain masih sama.. Kami belum lagilah Nana.... Fazlina, the managerial character can be seen, bertepatan dengan positionnya sebagai Human Resource Manager at Scomi Marine. Phait Lee yang dulunya cute dan malu2, masih lagi cute... But she totally forgot almost everything... single lagi you!!! Siew Khim pun single lagik... Sunitha... she is not small as she used to be.. she is taller now, man... Everybody was like... wah!! u are taller now, taller than some of us...

Me? I'm still as I used to be.... Xcept i'm a mother of 5... When people ask why am I so slim??? I simply said, beranaklah ramai2, then rapat2...

There are some friends who liked to join us yesterday but last minutely (hhehehehe... if there is such a word) had to cancel due to personal reasons.. Anyway, u can still join us in the next reunion coz this definitely won't be the last one...

Till then...

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